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Assessing Textbooks Through the Lens of Educators: A Teacher-Centric Evaluation

The study focuses on evaluating textbooks from the perspective of teachers. Its primary goal is to pinpoint challenges associated with textbooks through assessment of teaching practices. Additionally, the study aims to gauge the extent to which existing guidelines align with high standards of quality, relevance, and inclusiveness.

As an integral part of the study, online data collection was employed for all graded textbooks. A robust total of 24,069 teachers actively participated in the quantitative research. Ensuring the study's sample represented a diverse spectrum, 110 schools were randomly selected for each textbook from those actively teaching the specific textbook under evaluation.

The qualitative aspect of the research involved a diverse group of representatives from the academic field. Teachers (as the primary target audience), actively contributed to both quantitative and qualitative research phases. Numerous focus group discussions, engaging teachers from the capital and various regions, enriched the qualitative research. In total, approximately 100 individuals participated in this insightful qualitative exploration.


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