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national and international assessments

About Center

The Center's activities encompass a wide range of initiatives aimed at enhancing the education system.

These include:

  • Conducting rigorous scientific studies and large-scale national and international assessments spanning all levels of the education system. This comprehensive approach begins with pre-school education and extends to higher education and workforce readiness.

  • A key focus of the center is the continuous research of essential issues related to different levels of education. By deepening, expanding, and applying scientific knowledge in practical ways, the center provides educational institutions with well-organized knowledge to effectively address existing challenges and support the modernization of the education system.

  • Organizing National Conferences, Forums, and Seminars: To foster collaboration and knowledge sharing, the center organizes national conferences, forums, and seminars. These platforms serve as opportunities to discuss research results and explore ways to improve the overall quality of education.

  • Developing Electronic Resources for Educational Research and Assessment: embracing technological advancements, the center creates electronic resources tailored for educational research and assessment. These resources are designed to enhance efficiency and accessibility in the research process.


By engaging in these multifaceted activities, the center strives to make a substantial and positive impact on the education landscape, both nationally and internationally.

NCER Activities

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