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About Center

The center envisions a future where modern approaches to research are utilized to facilitate policy analysis and planning in the education sector. Through scientific research and high-quality large-scale assessments, it aims to aid decision-making, thereby creating sustainable conditions for the formation and development of human capital. By striving towards this vision, the center seeks to play a crucial role in advancing the overall quality and effectiveness of the education system.

The center actively mobilizes interdisciplinary groups of experts within the country, engaging with broad public involvement to facilitate the adaptation of the latest approaches and technologies in the process of human capital development. By harnessing the expertise of diverse professionals, it ensures that these approaches and technologies are tailored to suit the unique needs and context of the local education landscape.

Through evidence-based recommendations derived from thorough research, the center plays a vital role in addressing the challenges and problems present within the education system. By identifying effective solutions and creating innovative resources, it actively supports the development of human capital, nurturing a well-prepared and skilled workforce for the future.

Education policy makers and leaders benefit from the center's research-based recommendations, which assist them in strategically planning moves and making informed decisions in the realm of education. By providing data-driven insights, the center empowers decision-makers to implement policies and initiatives that lead to tangible improvements in the education system, ultimately fostering the growth and prosperity of the nation as a whole.


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