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The Center's special mission is to promote access to quality education at all levels through rigorous scientific research and assessment. To achieve this goal, the center adheres to a set of core values, which are as follows:


Competence: The center prioritizes the formation of a multidisciplinary team of experienced researchers proficient in conducting large-scale assessments and scientific educational research. It is committed to continuously expanding the competencies of its employees, supporting the professional development of the new generation of education researchers, and fostering the growth of human and social capital both within and outside the organization.

Innovation: Embracing a dynamic and forward-looking approach, the center actively engages in a continuous process of change and development. It supports the implementation of evidence-based changes within the education system, driven by scientific research and discoveries. The center focuses on producing high-standard research and innovative products, collaborating with partners to offer cutting-edge educational services aimed at enhancing the overall quality of education.

Knowledge Sharing: The center proactively participates in the exchange of ideas and knowledge to improve the quality and accessibility of education, supporting educational institutions and organizations at various levels. This commitment extends to non-governmental organizations working in the education sector, international organizations, and other relevant stakeholders. The center sees knowledge sharing as an integral part of its social responsibility.

Authority: As an esteemed organization in the field of educational assessment and research, the center aims to establish a reputation of high authority. This is achieved through conducting high-quality scientific research and publishing credible findings, providing effective recommendations to enhance the quality and equality of education, fostering collaborations with similar organizations in other countries, and actively presenting research findings at conferences to share valuable experiences.


By upholding these core values, the center strives to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the education system, ensuring that quality education is accessible to all, ultimately leading to the growth and prosperity of individuals and society as a whole.​

the center adheres to a set of core values

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